What is the best way to contact

For any reason, you can always reach out to us through our contact form on the top panel. It is located directly to the right of the login.

What is the Refund Policy?

It is our goal to bring you the best service possible. Please contact us for a solution if there are any issues with downloading your order before requesting a refund. In some rare cases we may issue you a refund, but in general we would prefer to immediately provide a solution and make sure you have the product that you purchased.

I’m a new artist, label, or distributor that wants to get involved, how do I go about getting online with

If you are a label owner or producer that would like to submit your product to for retail services, contact us. In the email, please send us links to your catalog's audio samples. This could be on your website, soundcloud, or in another vendor's existing shop. We always have a lot of interest in the shop from labels and artists that want to get involved, so please make it as easy and effortless as possible for us to listen to your music.

Also please let us know the following:

  1. What are the main genre(s) that you will be promoting?
  2. How long has your label been active?
  3. How many releases are in your current catalog?
  4. How many releases do you have scheduled, and what is the frequency you plan on releasing them?
  5. What studio does your final mastering?
  6. In what what formats (digital, vinyl, cd) do you release your catalog?
  7. What other retailers or distribution companies are you currently using?

Once we can hear your releases and know the answers to the above, we can move forward!

If you are a fan that would like to see your favorite labels and artists available on please contact us ASAP!

I want to get involved with, are you hiring? How can I help?

Currently we are looking for help in these areas: Taggers: You will be identifying and describing music that is delivered to us from distributors. This takes a deep understanding of all genres of electronic music. As describing our catalog accurately is of utmost importance, this is not for noobs. <3

Curators: As we expand our catalog with only the finest electronic music, we are looking for people with their ear on the pulse of each genre. Are you an OG house head? A techno label encyclopedia? Have you been collecting a certain genre of music for years and know the labels and artists that are producing the cream of the crop, and the finest underground sounds? We want to hear from you!

Street Team: Do you want to help us spread awareness of and all of its labels and artists? Contact us to join our Street Team. We can provide you with our mini flyers to take to events and promote around your local city or town. Be rewarded in music for being part of our Online Street Team for sharing, retweeting, and promoting our links and features. Contact us to find out more!

Do you take suggestions on labels and artists to add to your catalog?

We always want to have the freshest music, and as much as we have our ear to the underground - we need to know what you would like to hear! :) We encourage you to send us a label wishlist, we will do our best to attain relationships with the labels and get their catalog for you! We need to know what music you want!