About Us

In 2004, the seed was planted: There was a need for an electronic music service that had quality control. A need for an experience curated by professional DJ’s and producers, not an algorithm that drives you to commercial music. We wanted an environment for underground and independent artists to flourish. One that filtered out the mainstream EDM sound that saturates most popular websites.

When we started this adventure, our first incarnation was an online “Bass Music” vinyl shop, which filled the record boxes of international DJ's for 3 years. Then in 2007, we evolved into a download music service in conjunction with the online record shop.

Since the beginning, we have hand selected only the finest electronic music for our catalog; it is completely unique and offers an exciting experience to easily discover quality electronic music. We have always remained independent, maintaining our ethos by supporting many artists, labels, and genres we believed in by featuring those sounds.

We will always be true to our vision. We continue to focus on quality over quantity and have never wavered from being a carefully curated experience for electronic music. To us, greatness is in the quality of the music, not the social media metrics of an artist.

Many sacrifices have been made to continue forward in the recent years. It's been our passion and dedication to the music that has kept the dream alive, even in a drastically changing landscape of digital distribution as an independent company competing against massive corporate giants.

We are proud to be underground. We are excited to have evolved into our new brand Thank you for being a part of a community where the artists, labels, and fans value a catalog that is enjoyable to explore, and an exciting tool to discover the new soundtrack of our lives.